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In 2023, 145 actions were organised by 100 organisations located in 28 countries. This is a record number of actions!

Events organized in 2023

Alemania - Pegatinas contra el especismo in , programa de radio in Dresden , Protesta in Düsseldorf , Protesta in Göttingen , Protesta in Hamburg , Protesta , Protesta in Hannover , artículo , Cómics , Visuales sobre especismo para las redes sociales , Video in Internet , Protesta in Leipzig , Save Square in Rottenburg am Neckar , Protesta in Tübingen - Australia - artículo y publicaciones FB in Hobart, Tasmania , Social Networks in Internet , artículo in Melbourne - Austria - Protesta in Bregenz, Vorarlberg , Protesta in Innsbrück - Bélgica - artículo in Bruselas - Brasil - vídeo poema - Internet in , Movilización virtual , Conferencia in Internet , artículo , Marcha in Rio de Janeiro , Protesta , Espectáculo "Desnuda tu especismo" (Teatro) , Protesta in São Paulo - Canadá - Protesta in Brandon, Manitoba , Vigile , Stand informativo in Montréal, Québec , Protesta in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - Chile - Protesta in Santiago - Colombia - Conferencia , Conferencia , Conferencia , Concierto , Conferencia , Marcha in Bogotá - Corea del Sur - Marcha in Busan , Marcha in Daegu - Dinamarca - Conferencia , Marcha in Copenhagen - España - artículo y publicaciones FB in Madrid , Protesta in Valencia - Estados Unidos - Protesta in Atlanta, Georgia , Protesta in Boston, Massachusetts , Distribución de folletos informativos in Chinatown, Washington District of Columbia , Protesta in Hadley, Massachussetts , Conferencia in Internet , Protesta in Orlando, Florida - Francia - Protesta in Avignon , Cube of Truth in Bayonne , Happening in Besançon , in Internet , Protesta in Marseille , Marcha , Protesta in Montpellier , happening, etc. in Nantes , Aldea de asociaciones, Cubo de la Verdad, conciert in Rennes , happening, leafleting, etc. in Saint-Nazaire , Conferencia in Sémentron , Happening, leafleting, etc. in Strasbourg - India - Grandes carteles publicitarios in Ahmedabad , in Bengaluru , Distribución de folletos informativos in Chandigarh , Distribución de folletos informativos in Goa , Grandes carteles publicitarios in Guwahati , in Hyderabad , artículo , in Internet , Grandes carteles publicitarios in Lucknow , Grandes carteles publicitarios in Pune - Indonesia - Committed mural painting in Yogyakarta - Israel - Protesta in ראשון לציון‎. Rishon LeZion , Vidéo in Internet - México - pega de carteles , programa de radio , pega de carteles , Conversatorio entre activistas in México - Nueva Zelanda - Carta al Gobierno , artículo y publicaciones FB , artículo in - Países Bajos - Protesta in Maastricht - Perú - Stand informativo in Lima - Portugal - Protesta in Aveiro , Save Square in Coimbra , Debate en vídeo sobre el especismo , Réel (vidéo) in Internet , Protesta in Lisbon , artículo in Porto - Internet - Puerto Rico - artículo in San Juan - Internet - Reino Unido - artículo in Internet , Protesta in Marble Arch, London - Sudáfrica - Protesta in Parkhurst, Johannesburg - Suiza - artículo , Marcha , Marcha in Bern , Vidéo in Internet

Talk about speciesism, by Fight against speciesism (Israel)

Poem about speciesism victims, by Naçao Vegana Brasil

National Animal Rights March in London, by PETA UK

"Our plate changes the world”, by AVF (France)

Introduction to wild animals by Animal Ethics (global)

Direct action in São Paulo, by Vozes em luto (Brazil)

Save square in Rottenburg am Neckar (Germany)

Video about speciesism, by Coalition Animaliste (Switzerland)

“New legal status" by MFT (Germany)

“Animals are not ressources" by MFT (Germany)


In 2022, 114 organizations organized 109 actions located in 27 countries. This year again, it is a new record of participation!

Events organized in 2022


Florida | 08.27 Street action by Nuevo Paradigma Liberación Animal


online | 08.28 Online action by Bite Back België


Bello Horizonte | 08.28 March by Nação Vegana Brasil
Rio de Janeiro | 08.28 Protest by DxE RJ
São Paulo | 08.28 Protest by Vozes em luto


Edmonton | 08.20 March by DxE Edmonton
Montréal | 08.27 Vigil by Résistance animale
Moose Jaw | 08.28 Vigil by Regina Pig Save
Saskatoon | 08.27 Info booth by Animal Save Saskatoon
Toronto | 08.27 Vigil by Animal Save Movement
Winnipeg | 08.27 Protest by Manitoba Animal Save


Santiago | 08.28 Street action by Santiago Animal Save


Besançon | 08.27 Tasting by Le CABle
Calais | 08.21 Leafletting by Calais Animal Save
Guérande | 08.27 Protest by 269 Life France
Marseille | 08.27 Protest by 269 Life France
Online | 08.27 Podcast episode by Nonbi Radio
online | 08.28 Online action by Projet Méduses
Paris | 08.27 Online action by Futur
Paris | 08.27 March by Collectif d'associations
Rennes | 08.27 Street action by Sentience Rennes
Saint-Raphaël | 08.27 Leafletting by L214


Berlin | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Bremen | 08.23 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Frankfurt | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Hamburg | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Kleve | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Köln | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Leipzig | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland
Tübingen | 08.27 Protest by PETA Deutschland


Amritsar | 08.27 Street action by PETA India
Bombay | 08.27 Street action by Animal Save Mumbai
Delhi, Bengaluru | 08.27 Street Action by Vegan India Movement
Gonda | 08.27 Talk by Nature Club Foundation
Lucknow | 08.27 Street action by Lucknow Animal Save


Den Helder | 08.27 Street action by Animal Save Nederland



Lisboa | 08.27 Street action by Acção Directa


Madrid | 08.27 Info booth by AV Madrid


Lausanne | 08.27 Street action by PEA

United kingdom

Online | 08.28 Online Action by PETA UK
Online | 08.28 Online Action by Animal Equality UK


Encinitas | 08.27 Rally by Living Vegan in San Diego
Oakland | 08.27 March by DxE SF Bay Area
Orlando | 08.27 Protest by Animal Rights Florida


In 2021, 91 organizations organized 83 actions located in 24 countries. This is a new record of participation!

Events organized in 2021

- Conferencia , Cyberaction , Cyberaction , Conferencia , Conferencia , Conferencia , Cyberaction , Podcast in Online - Alemania - Marcha in Frankfurt - Argentina - Protesta in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires - Brasil - Protesta in Rio de Janeiro , Advertisements , Marcha , Protesta in São Paulo - Canadá - Protesta in Montréal - Colombia - Marcha in Bogota - Estados Unidos - Protesta in Adams , Protesta in Berkeley , Artistic performances in New York - Finlandia - Vegan picnic and talks in Helsinki - Francia - Protesta in Angers , Protesta in Besançon , Distribución de folletos informativos in Calais , Protesta in Marseille , Protesta in Nancy , Marcha in Paris , Protesta in Saint-Nazaire , Protesta in Strasbourg , Protesta in Toulouse - Israel - Stand informativo in Haifa - Reino Unido - Marcha in London - República de Chipre - Protesta in Limassol - Suecia - Protesta in Malmö - Suiza - Protesta in Bern , Protesta in Lausanne , Protesta in Locarno , Stand informativo in Lugano

São Paulo, Brazil

Lausanne, Switzerland

Paris, France



Despite the global health situation linked to COVID-19, the 6th World Day for the End of Specism has brought together many organizations around the world, and all very creative in the type of actions organized. In particular, there was a web action:


Online conferences in English and French addressed the notion of speciesism, from a general public or more advanced axis.

Events organized in 2020

- Conferencia , Web Action , P'tits Webinaires Antispécistes Conférences online , Street interviews , Conferencia in , Proyecciones y conferencias in Bogotá D.C. - Alemania - Marcha in Frankfurt am Main , Protesta in Göttingen , Stand informativo in Münster , Protesta in Stuttgart - Argentina - Distribución de folletos informativos in Buenos Aires - Bélgica - Web action in - Brasil - Protesta in Rio de Janeiro , Protesta , Protesta in São Paulo - Canadá - Marcha in Edmonton , Action in Montréal - Croacia - Stand informativo in Zagreb - Estados Unidos - Protesta in Pittsfield Park Square, Massachusetts USA - Francia - Protesta in Amiens , Protesta in Angers , Protesta in Besançon , Distribución de folletos informativos in Colmar , Protesta , Antispeciesist party in Lille , Info booth village in PARIS , Conferencia , Marcha in Paris , Protesta in Saint Nazaire , Protesta in Strasbourg , Protesta in Toulon - Indonesia - Mural in Yogyakarta - Italia - Marcha in Firenze - Liberia - Distribución de folletos informativos in Monrovia - Malasia - Media release & talks in Kuala Lumpur - México - Happening in CIUDAD DE MEXICO , Protesta in Todo México - Sierra Leona - Conferencia in Bo City - Suiza - Giant action in Bern

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

São Paulo, Brazil

Edmonton, Canada

Collective work by Projet Méduses

Montréal, Canada

Frankfurt, Germany

Bern, Switzerland


This year's edition of the World Day for the End of Speciesism was a huge success, with an ever growing mobilization on almost all continents, and an impressive variety of actions and demonstrations. It gives hope in the long task that will be the liberation of all animals, the end of their exploitation and the end of speciesism.

Events organized in 2019

Alemania - Protesta in Berlin , Protesta in Kassel - Argentina - Demonstration in Buenos Aires - Brasil - Collective Art Creation in Brasilia , Marcha in Rio de Janeiro , Action in Salvador, Bahia , Protesta in São Paulo - Canadá - Marcha in Calgary , Marcha , Talks & Vegan BBQ in Montreal , Marcha in Regina , Marcha in Winnipeg - Colombia - Marcha in Bogota - España - Protesta in Multiple cities - Estados Unidos - Protesta in Adams (MA) - Finlandia - Conferencia in Helsinki - Francia - Stand informativo in Albi , Protesta in Besançon , Protesta in Lille , Marcha in Marseille , Vegan Village in Paris , Antispeciesist Festival in Saint-Cézaire - India - Protesta in Bangalore , Marcha in Chandigarh , Protesta in Delhi , Stand informativo in Gonda , Protesta in Mumbai , Protesta in Pune - Israel - Stand informativo in Tel Aviv - Italia - Marcha in Florence , Street Performance in Rome - Perú - Stand informativo in Lima - Polonia - Marcha in Warsaw - República de Chipre - Street Action in Nicosia - Suiza - Protesta in Lausanne

Selection of videos of the WoDES 2019 actions

Montréal, Canada

Salvador, Brazil

Besançon, France

Bogota, Colombia

Pune, India

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Edmonton, Canada

São Paulo, Brazil

Marseille, France

Lausanne, Switzerland

Brasilia, Brazil

Warsaw, Poland

Selection of pictures of the WoDES 2019 actions


In 2018, the World Day for the End of Speciesism was a great success, with a growing mobilization on almost all continents, and an big variety of actions and demonstrations.

A video calling for demonstrations has been published for the demonstration in Rome. A video was made from the march in Geneva. You can also find the speech made during this march in this video.

This edition was the occasion to submit to the UN General Assembly a letter demanding the promotion of an agriculture without animal exploitation and awareness campaigns for animal welfare, as well as the inclusion of consideration for animals in all decision making.

In Geneva, conferences were organized: you can find online the one of Axelle Playoust-Braure and the one of Oscar Horta.

Participating towns in 2018

SWITZERLANDMarchLectures in Geneva - GREECE Action in Athens, Action in Chalkida, Action in Lefkada, Action in Kozani, Demonstration in Thessaloniki - CROATIA Protest in Zagreb - GERMANY Action in Göttingen- USA March in San Diego, Demonstration in Albuquerque, Action in Waco - ITALY Demonstration in Rome - CANADA Panel discussionDemonstrationRock showDiscussion in Montreal, March in Edmonton, OARM March in Toronto, Vigil in Moose Jaw - COLOMBIA March in Bogota, Cube of Truth in Cartagena de Indias - PORTUGAL Demonstration in Lisbon - SPAIN March in Barcelona, Outreach Action in Valencia, Vigil in Sevilla - POLAND OARM March in Warsaw - ISRAEL Happening in Tel Aviv - ARGENTINA Action in Buenos Aires - BRASIL Action in Sao Paulo - FRANCE Antispeciesist Festival in Paris, Demonstration in Saint-Raphaël, Screening in Marseille, Info booth & action in La Roche-sur-Yon, Info booth in Argenteuil, Info booth & action in Toulouse - INDIA March in Pune, Lecture in Jammu, Demonstration in Hyderabad - AUSTRALIA Demonstration in Brisbane - PERU Info action in Lima - CHILE Congress in Santiago

Selection of videos of 2018 actions

Hong Kong, China

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Brisbane, Australia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lima, Peru

Edmonton, Canada

San Diego, USA

Speech in San Diego, USA

Pune, India

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barcelona, Spain

Marseille, France

Rome, Italy

Selection of pictures of the WoDES 2018 actions

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A multitude of actions were organized around the world and a video spot calling for demonstrations was broadcast in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

In Lausanne (Switzerland), a big happening was organized (video). In Geneva (Switzerland), a series of conferences was organized and most of them were put online: conferences by François Jacquet, Angela Martin, Markus Wild, Paola Cavalieri, David Olivier, Yves Bonnardel, Massimo Filippi, Thomas Lepeltier and David Chauvet are available on the PEA YouTube channel. These events in Switzerland were announced in a press kit sent to the media.

In Melbourne (Australia), a march for the end of speciesism was filmed by drone.

Participating towns in 2017

France (Paris, Montpellier, Nantes, Perpignan), Switzerland (BernLausanneGeneva), Australia (Sydney, MelbourneBurleigh Beach - Queensland, Hobart - Tasmania), New Zealand (AucklandChristchurch), Canada (Toronto, Montréal - Québec), Bulgaria (Sofia), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Italia (Rome, Parma), Germany (Bielefeld, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Berlin), Poland (Warsaw), UK (Belfast, London), Canada (EdmontonHalifax, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver), USA (Ashville, Austin, Bimarck, Boston, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Fresno, Los Angeles, Madison, Orlando, Phoenix, Pinellas, Raleigh, San Luis Obispo, SF Bay Area, Twin Cities).



The second edition of the JMFS took place on August 27, 2016. Once again, the organizing association animated a march in Geneva, an associative village and conferences over three days (from August 26 to 28 – see the announcement). A press kit was sent to the media before and a press release after. You can find online the conference of Martin Gibert, the one of David Olivier as well as the speeches of ymeric Caron, Élisa Keller, Malena Azzam, Norman Lipari, Pablo Labhardt, Res Turner and Tiphaine Lagarde.

Elsewhere in the world, various actions were organized in Montréal and Toronto (Canada), Nice and Paris (France), Quito (Ecuador), Dublin (Ireland), Istanbul (Turkey) and four other countries.



The first World Day for the End of Speciesism took place on August 22, 2015. It brought together nearly 1000 people during a march organized in Geneva (page available in German and French) by the initiating association, PEA - For Animal Equality, which also organized a conference to explain the concept of speciesism (August 21), a speech, an associative village and a conference on the fight against speciesism right after the march, and finally a day of reflection and debate on the theme "How to fight against speciesism and for animal equality?". This extensive program was announced by a press release, which also provided a press kit and announced a press conference on August 12. There was also a video spot announcing the march (also in French and in an alternative form). The association also launched an online petition asking the Swiss cantonal parliaments and competent institutions to integrate respect for animals and the prevention of speciesism into the school curriculum. The petition collected 1600 signatures in three weeks.

The world day gave rise to actions in other countries: in Canada in Toronto (a "mega demo") and Montreal (where conferences, a march and a projection took place), in Los Angeles (United States), in Zagreb (Croatia), in Szczecin (Poland), in Bordeaux (France), in Tbilissi (Georgia, on the initiative of Vegan Georgia), in Russia, in Belgium, and probably in other countries as well.